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Not all airline seats and hotel rooms are on the market. Discover sweet deals only VIPs enjoy


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Carry your booking on your phone. No printed papers. Plus get discount vouchers days ahead of the public- whether its for CebuPacific, United Air or Emirates. All airlines!



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More than books and the internet, the greatest font of education is travel. It is for this vaunted purpose that we nurture global access to affordable exploration. At United Travel Group, get piso fares, airline promos, hotel blackout deals and vacation packages at deep discount.  We travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls


Chief Marketing Officer, United Travel Group

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I no longer book directly at Expedia or Kayak. United Travel has all those secret cheap airline tickets my rich friends always had first dibs on. With my iphone, I spy on the best deals ever!

Cheap tickets? My last minute vacations all come from United. Plus my work requires a lot of travel. Not even the corporate travel agency gives me the perks United Travel does. I’m spoiled!
Andrea A

Director, Convergys

A discount airline from the Philippines failed to leave for more than a day without providing hotel or food. I was able to get a cheap flight out for peanuts. All the last minute flight deals can be found here.. no need to wait for that senseless Piso Fare Promo I can’t even logon to due to server crashes
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Consul, US Embassy

I had no idea I was paying 100% more for my guilty pleasures until I booked my first tour here. As far as cheap vacation packages go, United Travel has it all. I think other travel agencies get their stuff from here
Sandara T

IT Officer, Accenture

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Your travel agency adds a 100% to 200% markup to your cheap air tickets and hotel bookings. Go United. Go straight to the source of discount flights and cheap vacation packages. We connect you to offers provided to large corporate travelers and hidden from the small end buyer . Book with us online and even last minute travel packages will be as cheap as though you booked it 1 year ahead. 70% off cheap flights and hotel bookings all year!