Chile is a great nation located in South America occupying a strip between the Pacific Ocean and Andes Mountains. The neighboring nations include Peru, Argentina and Bolivia. It was one of the most visited South American countries according to the last year’s statistics. Chile has unique features, escarpments, deserts, and monumental buildings.

While in Chile I managed to visit some of the key tourist attraction sites, the people are efficient, friendly as much as they speak a little bit faster than other South American countries, but that adds up to their uniqueness! There are unique natural splendors, arts, Atacama Desert one of the most renowned desert and Chilean Patagonia just to name a few.

Easter Island
This region is one of the most deserted areas on the planet, but maintains its enigmatic feature to many people. According to history, the people of eastern island originated from Micronesia and Polynesia. Many people like chilling around the island, while some like biking round it there are flights to the region from the Chilean capital or the neighboring country Peru. The airlines have statues that have hats making them the most unique of all.

Patagonia in Chile
Also known as, Torres Del Paine, Patagonia is one of the most amazing features of Chile making it outstand from the rest. Many tourists have even made a comparison of Chile to Switzerland due to this amazing fact. The snow capped mountains of the Andes tower in the Argentinean border makes an exquisite sightseeing environment. Chiloe is one of the Chilean places one has to visit while in the country, the Torres Del Paine national park sums it all after hiking and sightseeing you can unwind while watching the animals and birds singing.

Atacama Desert
This is one of the most historic sites on earth being one of the largest deserts; Atacama is the driest and highest desert in the world. The Rocky Mountains and their unique formations are mind-blowing experiencing. Valle de Luna or moon valley, dinosaur valley and Death Valley are some of the best places on earth from picture taking the background and the sunset picturesque sums it all. The accommodation is amazing and the people are friendly.

Santiago de Chile
It is one of the most tourist attractions sites in Chile, the economy in the region is booming hence, giving the people a chance to have fun all year round. The nightlife is amazing and the people are outgoing. Bella vista is an area where one can visit museums or drink wine while watching the sceneries. The great view of the city from high storey building is amazing and one can take pictures that crown the amazing experience. There is a village market in the area where one can shop for all the necessary items needed during their stay in the vicinity.

Valparaiso and Vine Del Mar
The two are one hour apart and they form most unique cities in Chilean art and graffiti. The art is unique from the experts depicting all the imaginary things, the Pablo Neruda Museum is also in the vicinity hence, after collecting some artwork one can stop by the museum and get a grasp of the Chilean history. Vine Del Mar is famous for the flower clock, which many people like taking photos around it. It is the most amazing features of this town. The beach also offers amazing experiences to those who like water sports and events.

Star gazing at Valle Del Elqui
This place is five hours drive off Santiago and is one of the most exquisitely stars gazing place in the world. For couples, they can enjoy their stay in Chile making fun and stories while stargazing in the area. Telescopes placed in the area makes the sky accessibility easy; the area is also famous for being the birthplace of the first Chilean Nobel prizewinner and a wine place. Riding, hiking, trekking and camping are some of the amazing activities one can do while in the area.

Surfing at Pichelimu
Located in the south of Valparaiso this is the top most rated surfing region in Chile. The fishing village makes an exquisite environment that provides and cool, chilling and unwinding place to relax. For people who like surfing Pichelimu is the place to be!

Chile is one of the most amazing countries in South America; it has the above features just to mention a few. The rich culture and other features like biking in the deserted central road will leave you breathless, while watching the sunset and enjoying the Chilean cuisine will give you unforgettable experience!