Some time ago, one of our beautiful and bubbly writers, Ryazan, stayed and reviewed Shangri – La Bosphorus during the World Tourism Forum. While her purpose for travelling was for business, no one can deny the fact that the property would also be a good choice for those who just tied the knot, like us.Luxury Hotel Review: Shangri-La Bosphorus

If you are considering Istanbul as one of your Honeymoon destinations, you might as well book a night or two at Shangri – La Bosphorus and here are the nine reasons why. I’m telling you; it’s one of the best ways to start your life together.

1. It’s your escape from the ordinary

As a new couple, it would be a great idea to try out things which are out of the ordinary. It’s healthy for your relationship, and can be a great story to your future kids – and even to your grandchildren. Let’s just say that it will be your bragging right.  Luxury Hotel Review: Shangri-La Bosphorus

Why would you stay in some ‘average’ hotels if there is one that can make you feel like Kings and Queens? After all, aren’t you with your king/queen? When you stay in Shangri – La Hotel Bosphorus, everything in here will exceed your expectations. Luxury Hotel Review: Shangri-La BosphorusLuxury Hotel Review: Shangri-La Bosphorus

2. Exquisite service from Shangri – La Hotel, Bosphorus staff

I can’t remember how many times I’ve shared in my posts that wedding preparations can be exhausting. And again, I’m sure those who got married and those that are in the process of getting married understand this. Even if you hire professional wedding coordinators, you will still stress yourself over the nitty-gritty of the much – awaited celebration.  Beneath the wedding gown is someone in need of a break! That’s for certain.

Restaurant Review: Shang Palace Istanbul

In Shangri – La Bosphorus, the staff will make your stay even more relaxing. They are very hospitable, and they are always available whenever you need them. You can sense that they are genuine and not the type of staff who’s just after the salary. You know that they are doing their jobs out of passion.Luxury Hotel Review: Shangri-La Bosphorus

If you and your partner would like to live ‘like a boss’ after such tiring wedding preparations, the people from this hotel will take care of that. Just relax, enjoy the room and everything in between.

3. Delightful rooms to choose from

In my opinion, it doesn’t really matter if you are staying in their Deluxe room or their premier suite. Every room was intricately designed and is conducive for a perfect honeymoon. The interiors are very classy, and it never gets out of style. Just like your vows, your love for one another will be timeless!Istanbul Trip with Shangri La, Inflow Travel Summit and Turkish Airlines

4. Beds are so comfortable and divine

What’s a great honeymoon without a comfortable bed? In Shangri – La Bosphorus, the real challenge is getting up in the morning! That’s because their luxurious beds will pull you back to sleep. For someone who’s tired the night before, you need to have a reliable alarm clock, or you will miss so much the next day.

Their linens are of quality; you would want to bring it once you check out from your hotel. How I wish we can do that!

Istanbul Trip with Shangri La, Inflow Travel Summit and Turkish Airlines5. Bathrooms are jaw – dropping

The bathrooms are so spacious; you guys can even take showers together. Or if you want to feel more intimate, you can prepare a soothing bubble bath in the tub. There’s even a vanity mirror which has an embedded TV! That’s my favourite, being a self – confessed lover of TV series. I can stay in their bathroom for hours.Luxury Hotel Review: Shangri-La Bosphorus

istanbul-trip-with-shangri-la-inflow-travel-and-turkish-airlines-4116. Impeccable food choices that will meet anyone’s standards

Most brides would lose weight before their wedding. It is actually because of two reasons. One, they work out to be able to fit in that awesome gown. Two, it was brought by the stress and exhaustion. Apparently, it is different in my case because I gained weight. But let’s stick to what most brides experience, shall we?

When in Shangri -La Bosphorus, you can definitely get back your pre- wedding figure. I’m not so sure if that’s a good thing, but hey, delicious food is hard to resist.

In here you can find IST TOO where you can taste a combination of Asian and Mediterranean cuisines. And if you are craving for sushi, there’s a sushi bar which can satisfy your need.

However, if you want to have Cantonese food, the place to be would be the Shang Palace. It is one of the most famous Chinese restaurants in Istanbul. With that said, you are sure to get only the best.

7. Impressive and romantic view of the Strait

And when you are lucky, like Ryazan, your room can have a view of the Bosphorus strait. Can you imagine yourself with the greatest love of your life, just marvelling this great view at night? It will definitely add to the romantic vibe which the room already has in the first place.Istanbul Trip with Shangri La, Inflow Travel Summit and Turkish Airlines

8. Great amenities that will keep you relaxed and fit

It is important that as a new couple, you try to watch each other’s health. It’s good that Shangri – La Bosphorus has a fully – equipped fitness centre where both of you can work out. Or perhaps, try the indoor heated swimming pool.  What about getting some rejuvenating treatments at the hotel’s spa?Luxury Hotel Review: Shangri-La Bosphorus

Luxury Hotel Review: Shangri-La Bosphorus9. A lot of activities to choose from near the hotel

I’m pretty sure you would want to stay in the hotel given its amenities and the things you can do in your room and within the property. However, when you stay in Shangri – La Bosphorus, few popular tourist destinations are near. You are just 10 minutes away from Maritime Museum. You can even visit Dolmabahce Palace. And just a few minutes by car, you can already reach the Taksim Square. Go to as many places as you can!Luxury Hotel Review: Shangri-La Bosphorus

I only have good words to say about Shangri – La Bosphorus, except for one slight rant. I wish we can stay here a little longer. We are going to come back!

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Note: We had a complimentary stay as guests at Shangri – La Hotel Bosphorus. All opinions and view are based on our observation and experience.

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