Will you want to read about the prevention of travel scams in 2020? You’ll get to hear about the travel scams you have to stop in this article, then you’ve come to the right location.

Some people might argue that travel scams aren’t valid, but travel scams are actually real.

On their backpacking journeys, many individuals have encountered travel scams. I met a few of them as well.

When it went to another level that we had little left with us to enjoy and so, these travel scams were worse. We want to assist people in this article to stop all the scams that can happen on your travel trip.

Typically, it takes a lot of patience and common sense to stop travel scams. Even if we have both, we can fall into a pit at times. So, we have prepared a list of travel scams to avoid in 2020 in order to prevent them.

Let’s look at the list of 2020 Travel Scams to Stop.

The 2020 Travel Scams to Avoid:
To eliminate these travel scams in 2020, go through them and make sure you stop them on your travel trips. In 2020, we have mentioned the most common and universal travel scams to avoid.

Taxi Overcharges:
More often than other scams, people often fall for taxi scams. This is one of the most famous travel scams that should be avoided in 2020. The taxi driver will inform you in this scam that the meter is broken or not working, and try to charge three times the normal amount. You can see meters go faster in certain situations, and clear your pockets like wildfire.

You have to stop this scam as a traveller. You need to know how much the trip can usually cost to avoid it and then go for that trip. Usually, you can get this information by asking hotel workers or hostel staff. If he refuses to go for that amount, then you have to look for another cab, give a taxi driver the correct price when negotiating.

Even, no matter how low the price is, stop catching an unlicensed cab because it can get you into trouble.

Scam Motorbike:
Another scam you should be cautious of is the Motorbike Scam. The price will be different when you rent a bike, and the owner wants an extra charge when you carry it back , saying that the bike has been destroyed.

In Asian countries, these types of scams are most commonly found. You have to take a photo of the bike first to search for any past damage to prevent these forms of scams. There are also cases where the owner sends someone to mess with the bikes or steal them so that you have to pay for the vehicle. With that, be careful and use your lock.

Locked Scam Accommodation:
The driver would try to persuade you that your preferred hotel is overbooked or even closed while driving the cab to the hotel. They even complain at times that it’s too costly with little comfort, and so on.

These drivers would do so in order to suggest other hotels so provide them with commissions. They’re blabbering about the hotel’s good stuff, but you’ll be surprised when you check the room, as some of the places are just worse.

So, never pursue the insistent hotel / hostel driver. Most people don’t normally fall for this trap, but still, there are a few who do fall for it. That’s why you should stay away from this 2020 travel scam.

Pleasant Scam Being:
One of the oldest scams, which has already been seen in several films, is the friendly scam. These kinds of scams begin with a nice chat, and they will offer to visit their place later on.

They will send you a cup of tea soon when you go there and be kind to you and polite and insist that you buy something from their store. This is one of the social tricks that visitors can bring to their business. Never go when someone offers you to visit their shop to stay out of it.

Free Scam offering:
In Europe and some Asian countries, these types of free offering scams are popular. Here, with a polite voice, a buyer will approach you and ask you to try their things. They put it in your pockets, side, or anywhere at some point, and then they ask you for money for that stuff.

If you refuse to purchase the product, they will build a scene in front of you and ridicule you. Therefore, never allow anyone to place something on your body. Even if they ask to take it for free, to be safe, they never consider that bid. Free Scam is a type of 2020 travel scams to avoid.

PickPocketing Scam: Be Conscious of
One of the oldest scams is pick-pocketing, but it’s the most commonly used scam. Others pursue this in various ways, to loot passengers. In other situations, they purposely spill something on you and attempt to clean it and rob you in the process.

They can cut your back pocket in other situations, when you are watching various things interestingly, and so on. You have to be vigilant and involved all the time to prevent this scam. Rather than allowing them the opportunity to loot you, clean the spill yourself. One of the travel scams to stop in 2020 is this.

The Flirtatious Scam Woman:
Typically, when you go to a new country, you go to a bar. You will find lots of lovely ladies, all of a sudden, if any of them come to you for a chat. In your imagination, you will be reaching heights and drinking drinks during the night. When you wake up, the owner of the bar will ask you to pay a heavy price for what you normally drink. This is one of the travel scams that should be stopped most often in 2020.

Keep away from these types of scams, although to protect yourself, it’s hard for some people to keep solid.

The Conclusion:
The travel scams to stop in 2020 are these. While while traveling, there are other scams, I have listed the current travel scams that are prevalent in most tourist attractions.