As a hotelier and co-founder a multiple online travel agencies, it follows that I spend much of my time in airline cabins. Most travelers know how unpleasant that is. The cramped space, canned air and turbulence makes life uncomfortable. Getting sick is often to be expected.

Years ago, I looked for multiple avenues to minimize this problem. I used Q-links, orgonite, portable ionizers and even silver hoodies.They helped but not enough. Airlines dropped not just my mood, but also my immune system.

Then 8 years ago I found a website describing tensor rings. These are essentially twisted wire formed into rings. Not just any wire length though- they ought to come from very specific measurements to work. I bought two from Slim Spurling and by jove they worked. Tucking them on my seat or in my pocket, I did feel an awesome calm and diminishment of my irritation. The working principle are torsion fields of subtle energy. These serve like harmonising balancing fields.

The problem with Slim Spurling’s tensor rings are that they cost too much. You may as well buy high end noise cancelling headset for what they charge. Indeed, they work but at a great price.

Two weeks ago, I did find another reputable provider with fair and reasonable prices. The company operates of Etsy and is called Tensor Rings. My intuition (and dowsing) told me that these folks made comparable and highly effective products without the high price that Slim charged. Here are a few I obtained

The artists runing Tensor Tools are precisely that: artists of fine craftsmanship and highly precise tools. Not only are they sturdy and beautifu, they do work. Testing these with famous energy pendulums made by Dr. Ibrahim Karim If found them to radiate even better energies than the original Slim rings. These tensor coils gave me stellar sleep, minimized stress and even impacted the tatse of food.

A sound investment! Check out the reasonably priced Tensor Rings here