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Piso Airfare

Piso Airfare Fare: Get Travel Promos and Piso Flights You Don’t Have to Wait For

Filipinos are always on a budget. According to the global quality of life scale, the Philippines ranks on the bottom ten of the list of 220 nations by spending power. Budgetary constraints hamper the expenditure on virtually everything- most notably travel. As exploration ranks among the top five most desirable in the World Economic Report– most locals could not afford even local travel, unless piso airfares were made available. Piso travel promos became a cash cow for airlines like Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines.

The Problem with Philippine Piso Flight and Travel Promos

Cebu Pacific advertises piso flights aggressively on its social media assets. The piso flight sales occur once or twice a month at midnight and must be consummated in two hours. The massive influx of eager buyers on a budget make it next to impossible to purchase the coveted piso airfare travel. The website becomes unresponsive or hangs. I’ve personally tried their system several times a month and never got to purchase a ticket. For those able to buy the piso airfare ticket- was it worth it?

The answer is no. Often those who buy a piso travel promo do pay One Peso for the flight, but add on P1700 for other costs and tax. So there’s really no such thing as a piso flight with Cebu Pacific and other local airlines.

The Real Travel Deal: True Piso Flight Promos All Year Round

Most travelers don’t realize that websites and travel agencies merely act as intermediaries. They buy airline bookings and hotel accommodations in bulk from suppliers and sell to consumers at 100% markup.  To get the best travel deal, and genuine approximation of piso airfare and hotel bookings, go straight to the source. Cut out the middle man and you cut out much of the markup.

How We Get You Cheap Piso Airfare Travel Promos

This will blow your mind. The booking engine we offer for free connects you to deep discount travel promos. All year round. In partnership with 1.2Million hotels and 853 airlines, the system hunts out deals offered mostly to corporate buyers or frequent travelers. Try it:

And what’s best: you get not just the cheapest piso airfare, you get near piso booking for hotel accommodations. Cut off the fat from your travel expenses today and you can travel more. Memories, after all, are the best investment anyone can make.

Top Three Travel Destinations for Piso Airfare Hunters

After my trips abroad, I still traveled around the Philippines. Several excursions included a revisit of locations that inspire wanderlust even among the most jaded of travelers.

This list contains my top picks for first-time travelers who seek amazing spots in the Philippines

PALAWAN For Piso Airfare Lovers

Palawan Piso Fare

Why go — For those who itching just one spot to enjoy in the Philippines, Palawan should be on the very top of your list. After all, you came to the nation to see stunning shores and islands. You’re going to go through the finest in Palawan.

Amazing submerged and “over water” views in El Nido (Bacuit Bay) and Coron (Calamanianes Islands).

Offbeat island hopping in San Vicente (Port Barton), Balabac, Taytay, and Quezon (Tabon Caves). Distant island chains and great diving unchartered by tourist crowds in Tubattaha reefs — UNESCO World Heritage Site (Cagayancillo), Linapacan, Cuyo, and Spratly’s (Kalayaan).

Enchanting city tours in Puerto Princesa, island hopping in Honda Bay & trips to Puerto Princesa Underground River — UNESCO World Heritage Site and longest navigable underground river on earth.

Backpacker friendly and great for solo travelers.

Getting there — Puerto Princesa Airport is the most famous entrance to El Nido, Central, and Southern Palawan. It’s approximately 1.5 hours southwest of Manila by plane. You may even fly right to Puerto Princesa Airport from Cebu and Iloilo. Coron Airport serves Coron and island chains in Northern Palawan.

ILOILO for Piso Promo Lovers

piso travel made easy

Why go — Iloilo state is a mishmash of the best things about traveling in the Philippines. Don’t follow everything the guidebooks say, there’s more to Iloilo than a commercial city. Its a genuine tourist gateway for piso promo lovers. One can say Iloilo has an untouristic charm.

Enchanting shores and islands in Gigantes, Guimaras, and Concepcion.

Affordable seafood and delightful Ilonggo native cuisine.

Important cultural and heritage centre famous for Miagao Church — UNESCO World Heritage Site, Calle Real, grand colonial houses, and heritage buildings.

Bustling yet relaxed Iloilo City — Alternate entrance to Central and Southern Philippines and among the very livable cities in the nation fantastic on maintaining its cultural and natural heritage.

Low cost of traveling and mostly untouristic.

Getting there — Iloilo Airport is an hour south of Manila by plane. You may fly straight from Singapore and Hong Kong. The airport also serves direct flights from/to Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, Davao, and Puerto Princesa.

CORDILLERAS for Piso Flight Afficionadoes

Piso fares and promos

Why go — The Philippines isn’t all about postcard-perfect shores. It’s about cool highland landscapes and abundant mountain culture also! The Cordilleras has many of the state’s most picturesque natural landscapes, waterfalls, and mountain peaks. Its well-known tourist spots contain Banaue, Sagada, and Baguio.

Banaue Rice Terraces — UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Unique and well preserved culture of Igorot people and other mountain tribes.

Sagada caverns and walking trails.

Baguio City — The Philippines’ summer capital.

Affordable travel prices and backpacker-friendly.

Getting there — Traveling by land from Manila takes approximately 8 hours to Banaue and 12 hours to Sagada. Cut the travel time by arriving at more relaxed Clark Airport, which caters to direct international flights from Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau, Seoul-Incheon, and Doha. The closest airport with commercial flights is Tuguegarao Airport, which serves direct flights from/to Manila.

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