Traveling is one of the most fun and exciting activities that you can do. When you travel, you get to see places that you have never seen and do things that you have never done before in your life. There are an unlimited amount of adventures you can have when you roam the world. However, despite the fact that traveling is such a great way to spend time, many people have no idea where they should go when they are thinking about traveling. If you fall into this category, and are looking for an amazing place to visit, we have one recommendation for you: travel to Singapore.

Here are six great reasons why you should travel to Singapore this year.

  1. Unparalleled Cleanliness

You may be surprised to hear that Singapore is one of the cleanest places in the entire world. This is because Singapore has extremely strict littering laws. In fact, first time littering offenders can be fined $1,000 just for throwing a piece of trash on the ground. Singapore takes cleanliness extremely seriously, and it is fascinating to visit such a clean city. This is especially true if your home city does not have the highest cleanliness standards.

  • The Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool

If you have never heard of the Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool, it is arguably the most impressive pool in the entire world. The Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool is the longest elevated infinity pool on earth. This pool rests on the rooftop of the breathtaking Marina Bay Sands hotel in the heart of Singapore. From the infinity pool, you have an incredible view of Singapore and the surrounding area. It is common to see people in the pool resting with their arms on the infinity edge of the pool gazing at the city. If you happen to visit this aquatic work of art, then you may never enter a better pool in your life after you leave it. The hotel is also fantastic and offers complete luxury. I highly recommend going to the Marina Bay Sand infinity pool.

  • Fantastic Nightlife

Singapore has a reputation for having some of the best nightlife in Asia. It has many excellent bars that are a real treat to visit. It is very easy to have a great night on the town in Singapore. Three bars in particular, 28HKS, Manhattan Bar, and Operation Dagger are known as being the best in the country. Singapore bars routinely find their way onto various “best bars in the world” lists. If you do end up traveling to Singapore, then you should definitely go to at least one of these three bars. You will be very glad that you did because the vibes, the energy, and the ambiance are incredible in these bars.

  • It is Warm all Year-Round  

Due to its proximity to the equator, Singapore is warm all-year round. This makes it an ideal place to visit during the colder months if you happen to live in a colder climate. In the modern economy, many people work remote or run businesses right off of their computers so, if you happen to fall into this category, then you can escape to this warm, beautiful city for a few weeks, even if you don’t have a vacation scheduled. You can just work right off of your computer. Singapore is magnet for so-called “digital nomads” (people who work from their computers and roam the world) due to its fast internet, luxury accommodation, and abundance of “coffices (coffee shops that function as offices).” The city has a very respectable ranking on, a website that ranks cities for their ability to accommodate digital nomads.  

  • Orchard Road

Orchard Road is one of Asia’s premier shopping centers. This place is a shopper’s paradise. Orchard Road has all of the best luxury brands and is home to ION Orchard, one of the world’s most futuristic malls. If you are a fan of alcoholic beverages, then you should take a visit to the Grand Whiskey Collection, on the fifth floor of ION Orchard. The Grand Whiskey Collection is home to many of the finest and rarest whiskeys that can be found anywhere on earth. There are regular whiskey tastings as well as intimate tours of the collection that you can participate in while you visit ION Orchard. You will be amazed at the quality of the whiskeys that you can find in this collection. After you visit this place, you may even start considering moving to Singapore and living there full time!

  • It is One of Only 3 Remaining City-States in the World.

Along with Monaco and Vatican City, Singapore is one of the only true remaining self-governing city-states in the entire world. A city-state is a city that is also a country and has its own federal government. The fact that Singapore is only one of three remaining city-states in the world makes it an exceptionally fascinating place to visit. If you are feeling ambitious, you could try to travel to all three city-states, one after the next. Monaco and Vatican City are also fascinating places to visit and can provide for excellent adventures as well. City-states are extremely unique, and you can see most of the country if you stay even for a week or so. This is a nice benefit of visiting them.

Ready to go?

Singapore is a place that has a culture that is as rich as its economy. It is a place of creativity, freedom, art, and history. However, if you do plan on traveling to Singapore, make sure that you have the budget for it, as Singapore routinely ranks among the most expensive cities in the world to live in. So, you will not be able to travel extremely cheaply here, as you can in other places in Asia. But if you have the means, you should strongly consider taking a trip to Singapore.