Hong Kong is truly a metropolis globally. This unusual city was once colonized by Britain and is a melting pot of Western and Eastern cultures. In Hong Kong, you can see British buildings as well as typical Chinese structures; it is a city like no other. Hong Kong is a very vibrant city and something exciting is always going on. The city becomes more lively as summer is around the corner. Here are some of the fun activities that you can do during the summer in Hong Kong. Hope you’re inspired by booking a trip to Hong Kong.

Bars on rooftops

There are plenty of really chill rooftop bars in Hong Kong because of Hong Kong’s high density and its iconic city skyline. After a day of exploring on a rooftop bar overlooking the city night view, what better to unwind with a cocktail of your choosing. Being in a rooftop bar allows you some room and quiet as the streets roam with people and cars. Lan Kwai Fong and Tsim Sha Tsui are some of the popular drinking areas you’d like to check out. Loads of fun bars can be found around there!

The Beaches

Taking a ride down the beach is another perfect idea to fight against the summer sun. Hong Kong, with all its skyscrapers, is also known as the concrete jungle, but Hong Kong has a lot of amazing beaches too! And it is super easy to get to them. Some of the locations you’d like to try out are here:

Sai Kung, Sai Kung

There are a number of different cuisines in Sai Kung Town Centre, from Chinese seafood style to Western seafood style and steak house, as well as some very instagrammable cafes for you to chill at. What’s unique about Sai Kung is that there are lots of different islands with lovely beaches. You can quickly find a speedboat to take you to your dream beach island, or even to jump on the island!

Stanley Stanley

During the summer, Stanley is another hot spot for both visitors and locals. Stanley also has a lively flea market throughout the day, with amazing bars and restaurants scattered around the seafront. There you can find distinctive souvenirs or one of a kind fashion items. Getting there early, taking a walk at the market first, going to the beach to sunbathe around noon or afternoon, then going back to the city center for a nice seafront dinner is the perfect way to visit Stanley.

360 Big Buddha and Cable Car

The Big Buddha, 24 meters high, is one of Hong Kong’s most well-known landmarks. To see this beautiful statue, many slowly walk up 268 stairs. The Major Buddha is situated on Lantau Island in Ngong Ping, not far from Tung Chung Place. Taking a cable car from Tung Chung-the Ngong Ping 360 is the perfect way to visit this magnificent island. Like its name, this 25-minute cable car ride gives you a 360-minute view of Lantau Island, and at bird-view you can even see the Big Buddha. You will arrive at Ngong Ping village by the end of the cable car journey. It is a restored museum for tourists to learn about Hong Kong’s traditional cultures and ways of living. The village is a straight path, you’ll enter Po Lin Monastery at the end of it and that’s where the Big Buddha is.

From the Peak

It’s not possible to fly to Hong Kong and not hit The Top. Hong Kong is most renowned for its city skyline and you get the BEST view at The Highest! There are a couple of ways to get to The Top. You should walk up the hiking trail if you are looking for some outdoor activities. As you can see the iconic Hong Kong skyline gradually emerging in front of you, it’s a nice experience. At Central, you can also take a minibus or taxi. You can take the Peak Tram, which has been running since 1888, for a more historical experience. Go to the Peak Tower where you can find a variety of places to eat and a number of shops for souvenirs. Also housed in the Peak Tower is the Madame Tussauds Hong Kong wax museum.

Harbour Victoria

Speaking of the popular Hong Kong skyline, another must-visit is Victoria Harbour in Tsim Sha Tsiu. It’s a long shoreline and it’s Hong Kong’s Star of Avenue at the top. The harbour will put on an exciting light show every night at 8 pm. Victoria Harbour at night gives you a sense of how lively Hong Kong really is as all the buildings are lit up with distinct light decorations, beaming laser lights and beat music. Above the dock, there are benches. The best way to enjoy the night view is to grab a drink of some ice cream of your choosing, have a seat and be swept away by this incredible view.

Street Cat

When flying, buying souvenirs for your loved ones back home is always a hassle. Be sure to head to Cat Lane, also known as Upper Lascar Path, if you want to get something special with a story. It is Hong Kong’s most incredible antique store! Vintage home decorations, pieces of jewellery of one kind, Chinese tea sets and paintings can be found. The market is only open during the day, so make sure you don’t miss out on planning your visit! Shopping in the heat is a little much sometimes. If that’s the case, Cat Street has a lot of cool bars and cafes. Take a short break and then start searching for riches!

Park Ocean

There’s no spot like Ocean Park anywhere. Ocean Park is a theme park for local marine life. Spread around the mountains, Ocean Park has two sections. The lower park is where the aquarium and the amenities for animals are. In Ocean Park, you can see a lot of rare Asian species. The Pandas are one of the most popular! Please make sure to pop in and say hello. Take a short trip to the top by cable car and that’s where the arcade and amusement rides are. Ocean Park is spectacular in the summer, when the flowers are blooming and everyone is very happy about the nice weather.

Hong Kong is a spot you certainly mustn’t miss! It has a lot to offer, and how vibrant this international city is will certainly be blown away. What’s waiting for you? Travel to Cathay Pacific and book your Hong Kong flights.