United Travel Group- Delaware United States

United Travel Group- Delaware United States


We are the online hotel and flight reservation system for those who don’t want the hassle.

Our early beginnings

United Travel Group is the resurrection of Global Tours Ltd which was established shortly after the millenium and which operated until 2009. Serving out of Washington DC, USA and utilizing cutting edge SABRE systems to ensure up to date booking transactions, the company maintained profitable operations via volume transactions  to meet the bulk need of corporate clients. As with Amazon and other cloud enterprises, the partners enjoyed operating from various locations around the world.

By 2009 Global Tours had consummated over 1,350,000 transactions on razor thin margins. Currency swings, conversion costs and taxes were never passed on to the customer and after a period, the founding directors of Global Tours retired the business. The databases, goodwill and operating franchise were sold to an Indian company running out of New Delhi.

2011: The Resurrection.

With global costs of travel plummeting and intercontinental flights becoming a past time for the middle class, the original members of Global Tours Ltd decided that reawakening the old enterprise made sound economic sense. 2012 would be the year to take to the skies.

Five of the original nine directors reformed the company and pegged the re-launch date to early 2012. Since Global Tours as a trademark now belonged to another company, the United Travel Group was born.

Our driving force

The United Travel Group operates across borders- with exeutive heads governing across geographic regions. Technology automates hotel matching booking and analytics. Without SABRE, the company runs on a skeletal force allowing its members genuine quality of life. If the life of mobile technopreneurs appeal to you- make sure you drop your resume

Our Awards

Blowing horns had never been a strong point of the team- but to give justice to our partners who’ve worked hard with us:

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Office Address: The Naaman’s Building Suite 206, 3501 Silverside Road., Wilmington, Delaware, 19810, United States

The United Travel Group Powerhouse Team 

United Travel Group Org

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ExCom / Board Dr. Mark Stansfied CEO email
ExCom / Board Richard Stark Chief Operating Officer email
ExCom / Board Eli Cruz Chief Technical Officer email
ExCom / Board J Plazo Chief Marketing Officer email
Operations Levi Strauss MD Quality Director email
Operations Lanie Estanislao Marketing Director email
Operations Anjanette Rosas CEH IT Director email
Operations Melanie Klein Legal and Partnerships email
Operations Support Staff Client Engagement email

At the United Travel Group- our sole business is getting you your booking reservations at the lowest cost imaginable.
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