There are some very strange tourist attractions out there, so we decided to compile a list of strange tourist attractions for those of you who love the unexpected and uncommon places where it is fitting to stick gum on the walls, where rats are worshipped, and if you like noodles, there is even a spa where you can swim in a huge bowl of Ramen!

Here is our list of the most bizarre attractions to see:

  1. Yunessun of Hakone Kowakien, Japan
    Visitors will enjoy an fascinating mix of hot springs at this spa theme park in Hakone, Japan, ranging from typical European, Japanese and even more exotic and exclusive creations, such as the Noodle Bar, where you can swim in a bowl of ramen. It might smell delicious, but note, the safest thing is probably to keep your mouth shut!
  1. California Bubblegum Alley, USA
    There is an entire wall spanning a length of over 20 meters full of used bubble gum in San Luis Obispo, California! The alley has become a popular local landmark that keeps attracting many curious tourists, although some may find it disgusting.
  1. Temple of Karni Mata, India
    The Karni Mata Temple, situated in Rajasthan , India, is famous for its unusual inhabitants. Rats! Rats! While these animals may be unwelcome visitors in other places, here they are worshipped and given shelter in tribute to the Hindu sage Karni Mata, also known as the goddess of the rat. Each year, the more than 20,000 rats that made this their home continue to attract an increasing number of tourists … what an exceptionally wild attraction!
  1. Vlei Dead, Namibia
    In turn, Dead Vlei, or “Dead Swamp,” is a forest frozen in time. All the vegetation in this valley has been scorched by the absence of water and the extreme heat, leaving behind black skeleton-like trees that can not decompose because the soil is too dry. The attention of many, particularly photographers, has been captured by this distinctive yet strange natural landscape.
  1. Massachusetts, USA, The Paper House
    A dead giveaway is the name! Yeah, it is literally a house made entirely of paper, including the inside of the furniture. Located north of Boston , Massachusetts, this house was designed in the 1920’s by Elis F. Stenman to serve him and his family as a two-room summer home. It took him over 20 years to complete, and 100,000 newspapers! Surely a sight worth seeing, just make sure that all things are far, far away, flammable.

  1. Theme Park Bathroom, Suwon, South Korea
    Let ‘s talk about strange tourist attractions … Tourists can visit a theme park built around the history and culture of toilets in Suwon , South Korea! This place was constructed in memory of the former mayor of the area, a man who sparked a sort of toilet revolution, devoting a lot of time and money to improving Suwon’s public toilets. The park has begun to attract a great deal of ‘toilet-themed’ art, and even hosts the locally popular Golden Poop Festival!
  1. Hotel Cappadocia Cave, Turkey
    Not so much bizarre as amazingly imaginative is this hotel in Turkey. The rooms and suites are built into local Roman and Byzantine era cave dwellings, mixing tradition, modernity and luxury very well. A great Turkish experience that you don’t come across on a regular basis!
  1. Jail in Inveraray, Scotland, UK
    This prison is a living museum, where visitors can see inmates in prisons, attend courts in the courtroom, and even talk to the warden. The prison is still open at night time, and visitors can sign up for paranormal investigations and ghost hunting trips to join. A weird Scottish tourist attraction, peculiar but famous!
  1. Largest Ball of Paint in the Nation, Indiana, USA
    Mike Carmichael and Glenda, his partner, own the world’s largest ball of paint! This thing started out as their 3-year-old son’s baseball coated in paint; 30 years later, the blob has over 25,000 layers! This has not only drawn the attention of record books such as the Guinness World Book of Records, but it makes more and more people want to come to this monstrosity and add their own coat of paint.
  1. La Prehistoria Valley, Cuba
    In the province of Santiago de Cuba, the inmates of a nearby prison carried out the construction of this surreal prehistoric theme park; the park features more than 200 creatures and human sculptures in scale, from the brontosaurus to the caveman. We wonder what Jurassic Park ‘s developers will have to say about this!