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This book was written by D. M. Miller, P.E., who was a project manager for a consulting engineering firm during the construction of Walt Disney World.

His team of engineers, technicians and inspectors was involved in the quality control of all construction materials and methods on the project.

Before Walt Disney died in December 1966, he assembled a dedicated team to create a new theme park near Orlando, Florida. Walt’s brother Roy would eventually name the attraction Walt Disney World so that no one would ever forget whose dream it was.

People who had worked for Walt since the 1950’s designing, building, and operating Disneyland in Anaheim, California anchored the team.

Team members were guided in the years after Walt’s death by asking each other, "What would Walt do?"

This question was asked countless times during the design and construction of the huge theme park. It was asked about issues involving quality, creativity, safety, and the guest experience. It was asked whenever a tough decision had to be made.

The team knew what that right thing was, and they always did it, regardless of cost or impact on schedule.

The right thing always meant choosing the highest quality alternative that would create the best guest experience.

This book chronicles the experiences of a young Florida engineer who served the team during construction of Walt Disney World Florida from 1968 to 1971.

Mr. Miller suggests that Walt Disney World may be the highest quality construction project ever built.

D. M. "Mike" Miller is a professional engineer. He is a graduate…